End of Year Concert


Concert 2019

The theme for this years concert is ........"CINEMA"!

This years concert will be held at the GLC on the 20th & 21st of December

Friday night performance 6:30pm

Saturday Matinee 1:30pm

Saturday night performance 6:30pm

Dress Rehearsal is 23rd November at the Nui gym - 12:30pm.

All dancers are expected to arrive at least one hour before each show begins. You may arrive with you hair and make-up already done. If you are unable to achieve this at home there will be plenty of backstage ladies that will be able to help with this once you arrive. Please do not put your costume on until you have arrived at the theater.

Children are not allowed onto the audience or front foyer in costume or with their stage make-up on. If they have a ticket and want to watch after they have performed they must remove their make-up and get changed.

All hired costumes MUST be returned before you leave on the Saturday night, If your costume is not returned unfortunately there will be a fine for this. Some costumes we will be hiring from Auckland so any late fee will have to be covered by you.

Only the adults allocated will be allowed backstage, these adults will have a pass. If you do not hold a pass you are not permitted to be backstage and will be asked to leave. During term 4 on the notice board will be the list of jobs available, please put your name down when you can help. Once all names are down I will figure out who is going where. If you are given a job eg a grade to look after, stage manager, Runner, props etc you will be given a pass to wear for that performance. This pass is the only way you will be able to stay back stage once children have been dropped off. You may pick up your child from the stage door at the back of the theater if you are wishing to leave before the end of the show.

When backstage waiting to go on please provide entertainment for your child, especially the little ones. Stickers and colouring in is great, but only pencil please NO felt tips. Tablets are wonderful! Absolutely no eating in costume!! Only water to drink please. If your childs costume is stained due to food or coloured drink they will not be going on the stage. Please keep sugary food to a minimum before dancing on the stage, it does effect the behavior of some children.

If you do not have part or all of your childs costume, they will not be allowed onto the stage for that performance. Please check before you leave home that you have everything your child need for their performances from head to toe.

Any student who misses too many classes and rehearsals leading up to the concert can join in the routines in class but will not be able to perform on stage with the group. Concert dances are a team effort and all students must put the an equal amount of work into it.

Tickets will be available at the dress rehearsal and stage rehearsal as well as at the studio times yet to be sorted.

Prices for this years show are $25 Adult $12 Child

Any questions regarding the concert please don't hesitate to ask Carissa or one of your teachers.