Class fees

Dance Central offers discounts for families that have 2 or more dancers enrolled, and for 2nd ballet grade classes.

Terms are the same as the school terms making 4 terms a year.

Term fees are due Wednesday week 2 of term.

Term fees will not be refunded if the student pulls out of the class after week 3 of term.

Overdue fees incur a $20 late payment administration fee.

If fees have not been paid by Friday of week 3, the student will not be able to participate in class until the fees have been paid.

Fees are the same for Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop but are determined by the length of the class. Class lengths go from 0.5hrs for the early grades to 1.5hrs for the advanced grades.
Fees are per term and GST inclusive.

Class prices for 2019 are

1/2 hour class $98.50

3/4 hour class $121

1 Hour class $138.50

1 1/4 hour class $167

1 1/2 hour class $186.50

There is one exception for Ballet Pre Grade 3 where the lesson is 3/4hrs and the price is $98.50/term.

Private lessons fees: $50/hr + gst

These must be internet banked during the week of the lesson in full, there is no debt facility available. Unpaid fees will result in no further lessons.

Cancellations of private lessons MUST give 24hrs notice, any student giving less notice than this, will unfortunately have to pay for the lesson booked.