Dance Central Studio Policy

Observing Classes

As we are wanting the best learning environment with limited distractions for the students, only parents wanting to film their childs work for practicing at home may do so inside the studio, remembering this is a quiet area, absolutely no talking please. Siblings, friends etc must wait in the viewing rooms or front room. All parents and siblings are free to watch all classes from the viewing areas provided in each studio. Any filming of children at the studio is to be for private home practice only, and not to be put onto any social media. Parents are free to discuss their childs progress or any concerns with the teacher by appointment through the principal, not during class time.


Please inform Carissa or your teacher if you are unable to make a class. No classes will be refunded or made up for illness or non-attendance, aside from exceptional circumstances as agreed with the principal.

Cancellations and Substitutions

We reserve the right to cancel classes or provide a substitute teacher. Cancelled classes will be either refunded off your account, or a make up class provided. If a make up class is provided no refund will be given.

Students & Parents

Students and parents are restricted from contacting teachers by phone, email or text messaging etc. All communication must go through the principal or 021535283

The school is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students.

Students are all encouraged to participate in exams for each genre they take classes for (no exams for Hip Hop). It is up to the principals discretion to not enter any child who is not up to standard. This saves any disappointment from the student if they were to receive an unsatisfactory result. If exam fees have been paid but the child has not put the time in from the entry fee date until the exam and they are not up to standard, then they will be unable to sit their exam. There will be no refund of exam fees given for this.

All small children not attending class must be supervised at all times, noise must be kept to a minimum.

The staff room is for staff only.

Parents are not to interrupt the class or interfere with any of the staffs teachings.

Dance Central Studio owns the copyright to all choreography taught at Dance Central. Please do not copy or post on social media of any kind, any videos of class, rehearsals, concert or choreography.

All phones inside the studios must be on silent during class.

Open Jazz and Open Ballet classes are only available as a secondary class. All students must attend their syllabus classes before they are able to attend these extra lessons. There will be limited numbers taken in these classes.

Vehicles must not park across the studio driveways, for health and safety reasons these must be kept clear at all times.

Any student that does not have the correct attire for their exam will not be allowed to entering the exam room.

If a student is to be moved up or down a level for classes this will be at the discretion of the principal.

Its is the parents responsibility to be aware of all Dance Central events. We will do our very best to make sure the correct information is emailed, text messaged or handed out in notices. Please make sure if you are not receiving information from us that you check we have your most current and convenient email address and phone number. Classes missed due to unread emails and notices will not be refunded.

Students and parents wanting to sell second hand dance wear in the dressing room do so at their own risk. This works on an honesty system. No refunds will be given for missing gear.

Customer Complaint Procedure

The complaint must be in writing, dated and signed by the Complainant. Emailed complaints are acceptable provided the Complainant’s full name contact details are included. Anonymous complaints will not be considered or dealt with.